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Craving for delicious Christmas drinks

Name the most typical Christmas drinks

1. Hot Chocolate
Hot chocolate cups are always the first choice on cold winter days. Especially at Christmas, enjoying hot chocolate with loved ones is wonderful. The Chocolate part is smooth, dense, covered with a layer of soft Whipping Cream, then add a little cocoa powder, country flour, stop powder, etc. to enhance the aroma, as well as help this drink become more attractive. than.

Hot Chocolate - Đồ uống dịp Giáng sinh

Hot Chocolate is the most loved Christmas drink, and they are more delicious when served with sweet marshmallows in a romantic space, with shimmering, fanciful lights. This wonderful combination will bring a unique taste.

2. Egg Nog
What to drink on Christmas Day? Egg Nog is not too special, this is just a simple drink made from a mixture of: Fresh milk, eggs, brown sugar, Vanilla, … add a little Rhum or Brandy. All the ingredients when mixed together bring a delicious, sweet and fatty taste, a familiar yet strange taste. And it is because of this attraction that Egg Nog has become the most sought after Christmas drink by young people.

Egg Nog - Đồ uống dịp Giáng sinh

3. Apple Cider
In Christmas drinks, Apple Cider is the ideal drink that you should enjoy. This juice is fermented from fruit, so its alcohol content is very low, it is like a light wine that anyone can drink.

Apple Cider - Đồ uống dịp Giáng sinh

The way to prepare Apple Cider is similar to making apple juice. But instead of draining the water, filtering out the residue, Apple Cider keeps both the water and the juice, which can help this mixture ferment easily. Therefore, the preservation time of this Apple Cider juice is shorter than that of regular apple juice. But in return for the delicious fermented flavor, fresh taste, stimulating taste, making sure to drink is ‘crushing’ and this is also the favorite drink of many people.

4. Mulled Wine
If you want to explore the types of drinks on Christmas Day, consider Mulled Wine. Similar to Apple Cider water, but instead of fermenting apple juice, Mulled Wine is made from red wine, mixed with fruit juice to create sweetness, as well as reduce the alcohol content available in the wine.

Mulled Wine - Đồ uống dịp Giáng sinh

Or another way, people use fresh fruits, soaked with alcohol and add a little flavoring such as: star anise, cinnamon, lemon peel, … to create a delicious new flavor. The harmonious combination of ingredients, helping anyone who enjoys it, is also fascinated.

5. Hibiscus tea
Not only is a herbal tea good for health such as: Slowing down the aging process, supporting weight loss, preventing the accumulation of fat in the blood, preventing cancer, … but Hibiscus tea is also a great Christmas drink. great again. A hot cup of tea, with its eye-catching red color and mild aroma, will make you fall in love no matter how fastidious it is.

Trà Hibiscus - Đồ uống dịp Giáng sinh

6. Lassi . Yogurt
Although it is a popular drink of Indians, when coming to Vietnam, Lassi yogurt becomes an attractive drink during Christmas. Lassi yogurt has many fruit flavors for you to choose from, depending on your preferences you can order. Although this drink is not a hot drink, it helps you warm up the cold space of winter, but its coolness can help you feel the full flavor of the Christmas season.

Sữa chua Lassi - Đồ uống dịp Giáng sinh

7. Matcha Latte
Enjoying a Christmas drink, Matcha Latte is also a good choice. To make this drink is not too complicated, people use Matcha powder, milk and fresh cream to create a perfect Matcha Latte. The aroma of green tea, the sweetness of milk, the fatty taste of fresh cream, is extremely attractive. In particular, enjoying a Matcha Latte in a space filled with twinkling lights, relaxing, chatting with friends and relatives will be great.

Matcha Latte - Đồ uống dịp Giáng sinh

8. Chocomint
Chocomint is a combination of hot chocolate glasses, with a cool mint flavor. Add a little milk and fresh cream on top, to help Chocomint more attractive and beautiful.

Chocomint - Đồ uống dịp Giáng sinh

9. Cinnamon tea
Not a luxury drink, but in this cold Christmas weather, enjoying a cup of orange cinnamon tea is also very attractive. The tea is made from simple ingredients such as cinnamon, honey, orange peel, … brings an irresistible aroma.

Trà cam quế - Đồ uống dịp Giáng sinh

Above is a list of Christmas drinks you should know. Hopefully with these suggestions, you will have the right choice, to welcome a meaningful Christmas season.


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