Pocket How To Cook Goby Goby Hotpot And Delicious Bitter Goby Hotpot
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Vuong Tran 3 years ago

Pocket How To Cook Goby Goby Hotpot And Delicious Bitter Goby Hotpot

Fish hot pot pulled in Giang leaves

Ingredients for cooking hot pot pulled fish with Giang leaves

  • Goby fish: 500 gr
  • Pork bones: 300 gr
  • Fresh vermicelli: 1 kg
  • Leaves: 1 bunch
  • Red onion, minced garlic, green onion
  • Vegetables served: banana flower, grated morning glory, bean sprouts, coriander.
  • Seasoning: seasoning seeds, fish sauce, salt, pepper, cooking oil.

How to cook hot pot pulled fish with Giang leaves

– After buying the goby, you let it soak in water mixed with salt and lemon juice to make the fish less viscous, rub and rinse with water to remove the fishy smell from the fish, drain and arrange on a plate.

– The leaves are picked and washed, then you gently rub them to create a sour taste for the leaves.

– The accompanying vegetables, you pick and then wash, dry, can be chopped to taste.

– You wash the bones with salt water, then put in a pot of stewed water with medium heat. Remember to regularly skim off the foam to keep the water clear. When the pot of broth boils, add the leaves to cook, seasoning to taste.

– When the broth boils again, add finely chopped scallions, stir well, and then turn off the heat.

– You pour fresh vermicelli through boiling water, then rinse with cold water, drain.

– Clean the hot pot with a dedicated kitchen, with raw vegetables, fresh vermicelli and fish. Serve with 1 cup of raw fish sauce and a few slices of chili. Wherever you eat, put fish and vegetables there.

Goby fish hotpot with bitter vegetables

Ingredients for cooking goby fish hotpot with bitter vegetables

  • Goby fish: 500 gr
  • Bitter vegetables: 500 gr
  • Fresh vermicelli: 1 kg
  • Tamarind juice squeezed: ½ cup
  • Accompanying vegetables: grated water spinach, banana cabbage, spinach
  • Tomatoes: 4
  • White tofu: 4 pieces
  • Minced red onion, chili, braised vegetables, coriander, lemon
  • Seasoning: fish sauce, seasoning, salt, pepper, cooking oil

How to make goby fish hotpot with bitter vegetables

– For goby fish, you prepare it as above.

– Bitter vegetables you pick up young leaves, wash and dry.

– The herbs and vegetables, you pick and wash, chop, dry. Particularly with bananas and water spinach, just wash them.

– Tomato cut off the roll and core with seeds, wash, cut into bite-sized pieces.

– Put the pot on the stove and add a little cooking oil to heat, then add the minced shallots and fry until fragrant, then turn off the heat and scoop out the cup.

– You can continue to use the same pot, add just enough water to boil until it comes to a boil, then add the tamarind juice and seasoning so that the hot pot has a sweet and sour taste.

– When the pot of hot pot boils, lower the heat, add the tomatoes, fried onions and scallions, stir gently to turn off the stove.

– Rinse the vermicelli through boiling water, then drain cold water, drain.

– Ladle the hot pot into a dedicated pot, serve with vegetables, tofu, fish, fresh vermicelli and a cup of raw fish sauce with a few slices of chili. So you have finished the bitter goby goby hotpot.

Notes when cooking goby hotpot

– When using the leaves, you should only choose young leaves because old leaves will have a bitter taste.

– With goby fish, you do not remove the intestines but leave the whole fish, you can cut the tail. To make the fish not struggle, you can put the fish in the freezer for about 10-15 minutes before taking it out.

You see, the way to cook fish hotpot with pulled leaves and bitter goby hotpot seems to be difficult, but it is actually quite easy. You can completely cook this hot pot by yourself, just like the Southern people. In addition to the hot pot cooked with goby, Cet.edu.vn once instructed you to cook the chicken hot pot with Giang leaves which is equally delicious.

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